Alfisol, Item 007: IExFit, version 3.1
Fit adsorption data based on ion exchange reaction models.
Display solid & liquid & gas phase speciation diagrams as a funciton of pH.

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Modeling competitive adsorption of sodium, hydrogen, phthalate and chloride on goethite. Easy!

An excellent research tool.
Easily confirm which ion exchange reactions are affecting your adsorption data.

A nice teaching tool.
Easily show how ion competition can impact adsorption results.

DOWNLOAD IExFit (version 3.1), Basic (Free) Edition.
Copyright © 2016 by C.P. Schulthess.

This software will help you create pH-dependent ion-exchange models that fit your adsorption data.
It will also generate aqueous speciation of ions in solution, gas phase equilibria, and solid precipitation predictions based on a user-defined reaction database.

WINDOWS based application; uses .NET framework.
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Summary of revisions made since the release of version 1.0 (8 January 2015).

Basic (FREE) Edition.
The Basic Edition will be sufficient for many applications, such as short teaching demonstrations and many routine research applications.

The Basic Edition is sufficient for your needs if the following limitations are not a problem for your application:

  • maximum number of adsorbing surfaces present are limited to two.
  • maximum number of ions involved (besides H(+) and OH(-)) are limited to two.

Extended Edition (also FREE): Serial Number is required via "Add to Cart". It is the same as the Basic Edition, but no limitations are applied. IExFit Extended Edition will allow you to create large and complex models with any number of competitive ions involved, any number of adsorption surfaces involved, and any number of minerals involved.

This software is written in C#. It uses the .NET framework.