Alfisol, Item 003: LMMpro, version 2.0
The Langmuir Optimization Program
The Michaelis-Menten Optimization Program

Brief summary of modifications and/or errors fixed with each LMMpro version released:

29 July 2020: version 2.0 released.
  • Made the software for user friendly internationally. Using a pc with alternate notations for decimal places (period or commas) is now allowed.
  • Software is now able to open files directly with double clicking on the data file.
  • Some problems with color of table rows were fixed. Some problems with results windows hidden behind older results windows caused confusion. Software now closes the older results windows.
  • Help pages were updated.

17 May 2008: version 1.06 released.
  • Help pages were updated.
  • Some problems found with the 4 basic linear regressions when one of the parameters was fixed (K, KM, Γmax or Vmax). Problems fixed.

14 March 2008: version 1.05 released.
  • Registration of phone modems failed with versions 1.00 to 1.03. Registration with version 1.04 generated an incorrect code. Problems fixed. Registration of all earlier versions will fail with this new method. If you are upgrading your registered LMMpro software to version 1.05, you will need to re-register the software. Use the same serial number as before to do this.
  • Help menu failed to display if the data were imported or manually entered. Problem fixed.
  • Help menu was expanded to include a discussion on "Types of Errors". Links to LMMpro Lesson Plans on the internet were also added.
  • Very long file names were not properly displayed in the "Saving Data" window. Problem fixed.
  • Saving an embedded data set to file was a little confusing because the "overwrite" option was not allowed. Clarity was improved by not showing the "overwrite" option when saving an embedded data set.
  • When calling a new embedded data set, a fixed parameter made while working earlier with another embedded data set would carry over to the new one. Problem fixed.
  • When working with both Langmuir data sets and Michaelis-Menten data sets, one after the other in any order, some word choices in the messages displayed would fail to adjust for the type of data set currently in use. Problems fixed.

16 February 2008: version 1.04 released.
  • Improved graphics now allows you to select what to show in the summary graphs. When a regression box is closed, LMMpro now hides the corresponding results curve from the regression summary graphs. Curve reappears when regression box is reopened.
  • When Lineweaver-Burk regression was not requested, total N value returns 0 (zero). Error fixed.
    Highlighted line was always bold regardless of option setting. Problem fixed.
    Minor table highlight and curve color errors also found. Problems fixed.
  • When start-up options was set to run the Michaelis-Menten equation only, the demos would default to the Langmuir equation instead. Error fixed.
  • Langmuir's equation was introduced in 1916. He introduced the linear regression technique in 1918. LMMpro's history overview of the Langmuir equation was corrected.
    Also edited the discussion of the ACF value with the Michaelis-Menten equation.
    Also edited the discussion on the priority controversy of linear regressions between Gauss and Legendre.
  • New page with references cited was added to the tutorial (Help) pages. Minor typographical errors with the Help pages were also found. Problems fixed.
  • Registration of software failed with phone modems. Problem was not properly fixed. Accordingly, version 1.04 was immediately taken off the market, and version 1.03 was re-instated. Problem was finally fixed with version 1.05.

27 October 2007: version 1.03 released.
  • Errors found when saving Options. Problem fixed. Using new file to save user-defined options.
  • Modified default colors. Expanded index help file. Added icon to splash window. Improved messages following request for update information.
  • Added more information about the data being highlighted, namely: row id, usage, and marked status.

21 October 2007: version 1.02 released.
  • Improved clarity in the Help Menu and the User's Manual. Icon updated.

18 October 2007: version 1.01 released.
  • Error with n-NLLS regression when Γmax or Vmax was fixed by user. No output given. Problem fixed.
  • Error with log-log regression when a low value of Γmax or Vmax was fixed by user. Problem was properly handled by the program, but incorrect wording was given in the error messages generated. Program also did not track the fact that too many redundant messages were being generated. Problems fixed.
  • Minor typographical errors in the Help Menu and the User's Manual. Problems fixed.

12 October 2007: version 1.00 released.