Alfisol, Item 003: LMMpro, version 2.0
The Langmuir Optimization Program
The Michaelis-Menten Optimization Program

What does LMMpro do?

This program will help you optimize the equation parameters for the Langmuir Equation and the Michaelis-Menten Equation. It uses seven different optimization methods.

As a teaching tool, you will be able to:

As a research tool, you will be able to get the best values possible for your data. You will also find it easier to determine if your data and theory are reasonable (see errors noted above).

Please note that every experiment is unique. LMMpro does not identify specific errors in either the data set used, the regression method used, or the theory applied. However, LMMpro will usually help you determine if everything is looking good or if something somewhere is slightly off. With proper use, you might extract some hints about where the problems (if any) are located.

As a teaching tool, LMMpro comes with 3 embedded data sets which should be sufficient for most teaching objectives (see list above). The software is free and comes ready to use as a teaching tool. If your teaching objectives are more complex than these demos, you can create your own data examples. For more information, click here for a short tour of the software.

About the LMMpro name:

"L" is for Langmuir, "MM" is for Michaelis-Menten, and "pro" is for program. Fortunately, "pro" is also for professional, and that is totally acceptable.