Alfisol, Item 007: IExFit, version 3.4
Fit adsorption data based on ion exchange reaction models.
Display solid & liquid & gas phase speciation diagrams as a funciton of pH & redox conditions.

Software Overview

Step 3: Run Aqueous Speciation

The option to "Run Aqueous Speciation" is shown in the Control Center only when that is our only option available for your exercise. The option to "Run Model Fit Optimization" is shown instead in the Control Center when you have added an ion-exchange model to your exercise. Naturally, this latter option will also run the aqueous speciation.

If the adsorption model has not been entered, then the window shown when you click on "Run Aqueous Speciation" will only have three, four, five or six tab stops: (1) a simplified "Options" tab, (2) a "Mass Balance" tab, (3) an "Aqueous" tab, (4) a "Solids" tab (if solids exist or could exist), (5) a "Gases" tab (if gases exist), (6) a redox tab (if redox couples exist), and (7) a "Titration" tab (if an acid-base titrant exists).

In the example below, the exercise did not have an ion-exchange model added. It also did not allow gases to exist. Thus, only four tabs are visible. The "Options" tab shown here is less complex than what would be shown if an ion-exchange model was also added to the exercise.